4 Ways House Republicans are Making Communities Safer for our Kids

Summer is coming to a close, and the school year is about to begin. As families prepare for the first day of school, here are 4 things Republicans have done to help make sure our schools and communities are safer for our children. To learn more, visit www.better.gop.

#1 House Republicans have acted to strengthen border security and target dangerous gangs

We’ve taken action on multiple bills, including the Project Safe Neighborhoods Grant Program Authorization Act, to strengthen our border security, better enforce immigration laws, and target dangerous gangs like MS-13.

#2 House Republicans have taken action to keep children safe in school

We’ve led to address school safety and mental health challenges in our communities. We’ve passed laws like the STOP School Violence Act to help schools and law enforcement prevent, recognize and respond to warning signs of violence. In addition, the Fix NICS Act is now the law of the land, to strengthen the information contained in NICS to better protect the public, protect Second Amendment rights, and curb gun violence.

#3 House Republicans have also taken action to stop human trafficking

We’ve also passed dozens to bills to fight human trafficking and keep kids safe online, including the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA), which has been signed into law. Now, online advertising for commercial sex trafficking has gone down by 60-80 percent.

#4 House Republicans have made historic investments to combat the opioid epidemic

Republicans have also led to combat the threats facing our communities and young people, like the opioid epidemic. We’ve made a historic $4 billion investment to help local communities prevent, stop and treat addiction.

As our work continues, House Republicans have been discussing these important issues and solutions in their districts with families, school officials, law enforcement and more. Below are a few highlights from home and be sure to check out better.gop to learn more.