25 numbers Democrats don’t want you to know about

Crumbs.” “Armageddon.” “Scam.”

These are only a few of the disparaging words Democrats used to describe bigger paychecks, bonuses, and low unemployment that resulted from Republican tax reform and regulation rollback. Worst of all? They want to take it all away from the American people. YIKES!

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Not a single Democrat voted for tax reform or regulatory relief, so they really don’t want you to know about these numbers:

  1. $2,059 – Average tax cut for a typical family of four 
  2. $2,000 – The new per-child tax credit – double the old amount
  3. $12,000 and $24,000 – The new standard deduction for individuals and families, respectively – nearly double the old amount 
  4. 16 – Regulations rolled back through the Congressional Review Act process – the most in history 
  5. $4.1 billion – Dollars saved in agency regulatory costs through Congressional Review Act rollbacks 
  6. 4 million+ – Hours of paperwork saved by rolling back regulations 
  7. 102 – Number of utility companies that have lowered prices in 48 states as a result of tax reform 
  8. 642 – Companies that gave out pay raises, bonuses, or more benefits to workers, and counting 
  9. 4 million – Americans who received bonuses, increased wages, or expanded benefits because of tax reform from  
  10. 90% – Americans who are receiving bigger paychecks under the new withholding tables 
  11. 3.4% – Increase in real disposable income in the first quarter of 2018 
  12. 2.7% – Increase in average annual wages 
  13. $305 billion – Amount repatriated to the U.S. in the first quarter of 2018 
  14. $211.2 billion – Record high level of U.S. exports of goods and services. 
  15. 3.7 million – Jobs created since November 2016 
  16. 1.3 million – Jobs created since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act became law 
  17. 6.6 million – Job openings as of May 2018, meaning more jobs than job seekers 
  18. 5.75 million – New hires in May 2018, the highest level in 17 years and the second highest on record 
  19. 65% – Americans who say now is a good time to find a quality job 
  20. 62.9% – Increased labor force participation rate 
  21. 4.6% – Hispanic-Latino unemployment rate, the lowest on record (June 2018). 
  22. 6.5% – Black unemployment rate, the lowest in 10 years (June 2018). 
  23. 95.1% – Manufacturers that feel positive about their own company’s outlook 
  24. 54% – Americans who say the economy is “good” or “excellent” – highest in survey history 
  25. 11.4 points – Increase in confidence among lower-income Americans since February 2018