10 things that happened last week

The weather and the leaves may be starting to change, but House Republicans’ commitment to the American people’s priorities is evergreen ( ← see what we did there?).

At home last week, House Republicans continued to meet with and listen to the men and women in their communities to learn more about the issues that matter to them. And this week, we’re taking action. We will be voting on funding for defense, health and human services, labor, and education appropriations, using our ‘power of the purse’ to improve safety, bolster national security, and keep this economy strong. And we’ll also be working on Tax 2.0, which includes making the individual tax cuts permanent.

These are just a handful of the ways we’re keeping our promises to the American people. For more information on the ways Americans are Better Off Now thanks to Republican policies, visit Better.gop. And be sure to keep scrolling down to see what House Republicans are doing, seeing, and hearing at home: