House Dems have 99 problems, and demonstrating they can govern is definitely one.

First they proved incapable of completing a budget after spending years lecturing Republicans with their favorite line: “Show me your budget, show me your values.”

Then they moved on to ‘Plan B,’ a bill that would significantly increase federal spending – without a plan to pay for it…

But as reported by Politico: “Democratic leaders are considering pulling the plug on the bill to set federal spending limits” – another key responsibility of the party holding a majority in the House.

And just a short time later:

This embarrassing debacle is the result of their party leadership being held hostage by the far-left.

Bottom Line: The deeply divided House Democrat caucus has spent their first 100 days in the majority embracing socialism, trying to put government in charge of everyone’s healthcare, and enabling anti-Semitism. Now they’re devolving into a state of complete disarray, unable to even advance basic legislative items.