REVIEW: Obamacare 2.0 (so far)

Every week is a challenge for President Obama’s health care law — but this past one was especially rough.

The second round of Open Enrollment for Obamacare started last weekend. But with the “updated” came a lot of painful side effects.

Higher costs:

Many Americans are facing hefty price increases in health care purchased through Obamacare exchanges — in some cases as much as 20%. For those who purchased insurance through federal and state exchanges, many will have to switch plans to avoid paying more.

But for those who proactively purchased their own health insurance plans, the outlook is even more dismal. This week, we found out that 50-75% of the 14 million consumers who buy their insurance individually can expect to receive a “cancellation” later.

But what makes this even worse? President Obama and his administration have known for years that this would be the case.

President Obama, who promised in 2009, “If you like your health plan, you will be able to keep your health plan,” was still saying in 2012, “If [you] already have health insurance, you will keep your health insurance.”

When they made the promise, they knew half the people in this market outright couldn’t keep what they had and then they wrote the rules so that others couldn’t make it either,” said Robert Laszewski, of Health Policy and Strategy Associates, a consultant who works for health industry firms.

Inflated Numbers:

Remember that 7.3 million sign-up number the Obama Administration was so proud of? Turns out that wasn’t honest either. To inflate numbers, the Obama Administration included dental plans — 380,0000 of them. This brings the total number enrolled down to 6.7 million.

Jonathan Gruber:

But the greatest blow to Obamacare came from the mouth of economist Jonathan Gruber. Gruber, one of the architects of Obamacare, made comments that unveiled the truth behind the Obama Administration’s health care tactics.

He was quoted saying: “lack of transparency is a huge political advantage,” when it came to creating Obamacare — and thanked “the stupidity of the American voter” for passage of the health care law.

And when President Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi heard his comments, they tried to separate themselves from Mr. Gruber. Pelosi claimed “I don’t know who he is” — and was quickly proven false. President Obama said Gruber was “just some advisor who never worked on our staff” — despite paying the economist almost $400,000 and hosting him at the White House more than a dozen times.


So after a week like this, there’s no wonder that Obamacare’s popularity is falling — a lot. Americans are tired of watching their health care costs rise while quality and choice decrease. And the words of Jonathan Gruber and the Obama Administration’s reaction epitomize the health care law as a whole — one broken promise after another.

What Americans need is health care that is actually affordable, and options that are honest. This past week was just a glimpse of the failures and dishonesty plaguing our current health care law.

House Republicans know that real health care reform comes through step-by-step decisions that focus on the patient, not the government. What we have right now isn’t working — in fact, it’s making life worse for Americans all across this country.