Republicans Focus On Defeating The Virus While Democrats Dabble With Anti-Vaxxer Movement

A key plank of House Republicans’ Commitment to America agenda rolled out today is defeating the virus. In a series of six videos, the House GOP Doctors Caucus went into detail about how Operation Warp Speed is working to produce a safe and effective vaccine for COVID-19 in record time:

While these videos explain that any vaccine that’s available to the public will have to be approved by the FDA – ensuring that it is safe to be taken – Democrats continue to sow doubts about the safety and effectiveness of it. Last week, Kamala Harris questioned whether she would take a vaccine if one was approved before the election and was rightly criticized for undermining a potential cure for COVID-19 because it might negatively affect her political prospects:

The Washington Examiner (Editorial): “Kamala Harris’s anti-vaccine flirtation is dangerously irresponsible”

“Harris’s statement is an irresponsible one that could have dangerous ramifications for overcoming the coronavirus and for public health in general.”

The Detroit News (Editorial): “Trash-talking vaccine is bad move by Biden, Harris”

“Biden, Harris and other Democrats who have picked up this talking point risk sowing doubt about the safety of vaccinations, and are building a false narrative that Trump could somehow rush a defective vaccine into circulation to aid his reelection.”

The Albuquerque Journal (Editorial): “For COVID vaccine, fast doesn’t = unsafe”

“When vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris calls into question whether it would be safe to take a vaccine developed under Operation Warp Speed, she does a major disservice and potentially puts people at risk. Public trust will be crucial, and politicians don’t need to create more vaccine skeptics.”

Instead of denouncing her dangerous remarks, it seems that more Democrats are embracing them. Last night, a Democratic Senate candidate running in North Carolina suggested that he too might not take a COVID-19 vaccine if one becomes available:

More lives will be saved if Americans take a COVID-19 vaccine after it has been approved by the FDA. It’s reckless for Democrats to suggest otherwise because they think that it will benefit them politically if it takes longer to develop a cure for the virus.

Will other Democrats condemn these irresponsible comments, or will more members of their party dabble with the anti-vaxxer movement?