Republicans Continue To Highlight Devastating Crisis At Southern Border Due To Biden Admin’s Policies

Republicans continue to highlight the devastating crisis unfolding on the southern border due to President Biden’s policies. In one shocking video, Rep. Chip Roy actually encountered a group of lost migrants along the southern border who were looking for border patrol agents because they knew that had they found those agents, they would be allowed to enter the United States:

  • Breitbart: “EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Rep. Chip Roy Finds Group of Lost Migrant Teens at Texas Border”

The Associated Press reported yesterday that migrants who are caught are continuing to be released into the United States without court dates, which essentially allows for open borders:

  • AP: “Migrants freed without court notice — sometimes no paperwork”

The Biden Administration still has not taken any serious steps to address the crisis or reverse their policies that created it in the first place. More than a week after he designated Vice President Harris to spearhead the federal government’s response efforts to the crisis, she has not answered any questions and her team has claimed that she is only responsible for “diplomatic” efforts between the United States, Mexico, and Northern Triangle countries.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration still is doing its best to conceal the overcrowded conditions at the border. The Department of Health and Human Services announced this week that they were opening a 10th influx facility to hold unaccompanied minors and many of the facilities that are many times over capacity are holding COVID-positive migrants.

Leader McCarthy released a video yesterday detailing how the Biden Administration refused to allow media transparency into these facilities for weeks and weeks in an effort to hide how the crisis was growing out of control: