McMorris Rodgers on Fox News and Cheddar: Republican policies are behind economic boom

Sep 07, 2018 | Communications •

Economic growth that was said to be impossible two years ago has become a reality. House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) joins Cheddar and Fox News to discuss the August jobs report and why Republican policies are to thank for our booming economy.

A few highlights for last month:

  • 201,000 new jobs added in August
  • 3.9 percent unemployment – still at a historic low!
  • The highest wage growth since April 2009

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“Our economy is booming, and it’s a tribute to Republican leadership, the majorities in the House and the Senate, this administration, and our commitment to growing the economy. It wasn’t that long ago, just two years ago, people said that this was the new normal — we had stagnant wages, a stagnant economy. People said we couldn’t get above 2 percent GDP growth. Quarter after quarter, we’re seeing some really encouraging job numbers. We have more job openings now in America than people on unemployment. What I see in Eastern Washington is that it’s giving people hope and optimism again, because a job is so foundational in our life. That’s what gives you hope. That’s what gives you purpose, and an opportunity for a better life. That’s what I want for everyone.”

“There is an untold story as far as the impact of the Republican majority and our record of results. We saw it again today in the numbers. We see more jobs being created. We have record-low unemployment. President Obama said two years ago that this was a new normal that GDP growth would never go above 2 percent, and we needed to just get used to this new normal as Americans. But yet, we’re exceeding all expectations. It’s a great story…”