Reps. Emmer and Fitzpatrick: A Better Way to Fix Health Care

Washington doesn’t know what’s best for your health, you and your doctor do.

But over the last half decade or so, the American people have been taken out of their own health decisions, replaced instead with unelected, faceless bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.

This is unacceptable.

Let’s get people back in charge of their health care decisions. We’ve laid out a plan to do just that, A Better Way. House Republicans from every corner of the country have been sharing our Better Way agenda with the American people, showing them our solutions to the biggest problems facing our country, like fixing our broken health care system.  

Here’s a closer look at our plan, brought to you by several of our House Republicans:

  • As, Rep. Tom Emmer (R- MN) puts it in his latest Medium post, our Better Way to Fix Health Care will empower patients to choose their doctors, their insurance, and where their health care dollars are spent. Rep. Emmer says, “It’s time to stop simply wishing we could go back in time and stop Obamacare. It’s also time to stop ignoring the major problems happening in health care right now that reduce competition, lead to higher costs, and lower access to care.” It’s an important point. Our plan isn’t a return to the pre-Obamacare status quo, it’s a new approach that addresses the inadequacies in Obamacare and presents a new plan that puts the patient first, not the insurance companies. 
  • The American people agree, there are glaring issues with Obamacare. Rates have skyrocketed, those happy with their plans have been forced to change coverage, and people are paying more for less. House Republicans have solutions to the problems that face our country. This starts with repealing Obamacare and making room for patient-centered care that’s affordable for all. In his latest op-ed for the Bucks County Herald about our Better Way agenda, Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick (R- PA) agrees, noting that “Obamacare has been marred with errors and failures since its inception. 
  • “We need a health care system that provides more choices, lower costs, and increases flexibility for American families. We need a health care system where doctors spend less time discussing regulations in the conference room and more time saving lives in the operating room,” says Fitzpatrick. 
  • With our Better Way plan, House Republicans are providing Americans with a better option for healthcare. Says Fitzpatrick, “This deliberative, step by step approach that incorporates input from across the political spectrum is needed to reach true healthcare reform.”

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