Rep. Zeldin: Think About What This Means For America; It’s Time To Move On

REP. LEE ZELDIN: While the House impeachment managers were speaking they said a thousand times over, “No one is above the law.” But in their articles of impeachment, they don’t accuse the President of violating any law. And the Senate Chamber has been hijacked all of last week, we’re seeing it hijacked all of this week, and if you ask our constituents, “What do you want us to be doing to fight for you down in Washington?” If I went from house to house to house to house in my district right now and said, “What do you want to see Congress doing on your behalf?” They’re going to talk about the cost of prescription drug prices. They’re going to talk about finding a job to be able to pay your bills, lowering energy costs. They care about healthcare. They want to see Republicans and Democrats working together to get an infrastructure package. This is not the priority of my constituents as I go door to door to door, and it’s not the priority of America. It’s the priority of people who have been trying to takedown the president since he was elected. But to think that articles of impeachment would come over here and hijack the Senate the way it has—And they say a thousand times over that no one is above the law, and they don’t even accuse the President of breaking any law. It’s time to move on and it’s time to move forward.
I’ll leave you with this, just imagine what would happen in our country if you play this out. Not just long-term, not just the next time that you have a Republican House with a Democratic president and this new lowered standard—what happens the next day? I care about our republic. My background is in the military, I still serve in the Army Reserve. I was in Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Division. Elise represents Fort Drum. We have people that go overseas for their tenth deployment. They might have a four-year-old and a six-year-old at home, why do they make that sacrifice? Why are they willing to lay down their life for our flag, for our freedoms, for our liberty, for our Constitution? Willing to risk it all, not just for friends and family, but for strangers. All of you as patriots, regardless of whether you’re in Congress, you’re a member of the media, or you’re watching at home, think about what this means for America the next day. It’s time to move on.