Rep. Will Hurd on CNBC: A Better way to stop terrorism and keep America safe

This morning, Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) joined CNBC to discuss the horrific terrorist attacks that occurred over the weekend in Orlando, Florida and talk more about how to stop these incidents from happening in the future. Specifically, Rep. Hurd said, “We need to take the fight to the terrorists on their doorstep… We also need to be countering the ideology…And the third thing that we need to do, is we need to make sure that we’re getting good national intelligence to our local law enforcement.”

Rep. Hurd doubled down on these comments via an op-ed posted online for CNBC. Unfortunately, in recent years, the United States has been relegated to leading from behind in a world that craves leadership now more than ever. Rep. Hurd pulled from his experiences in the Central Intelligence Agency to stress the importance of a different strategy to national security, one that will allow us to keep all Americans safe at home and abroad. A Better Way.

Here are highlights from Rep. Hurd’s op-ed.

On Recent Failures in National Security:

“The unfortunate reality is that many of the challenges we face today are the direct result of years of failed policies that have decreased American leadership around the world. Fortunately, those policies are reversible. There is a better way.”

“America is the country people around the world look to as the shining example of liberty. They consider us the global champion for human rights and to act when those rights have been violated. Shirking from this responsibility has damaged our international credibility immensely.”

On Restoring American Leadership in the World:

“There is a need to reexamine the way the DoD operates to ensure it is the most flexible and efficient military force in the world. As the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have demonstrated, raw power does not determine military victory — flexibility and efficiency does.”

“We must restore American leadership by speaking up when countries violate the principles of international order. We must demonstrate our commitment to make this world a more free and prosperous place by upholding the promises we have made to our allies.”


To view the full op-ed, click here.