Rep. Walberg op-ed on Michigan Live: Heroin addiction requires comprehensive action

After driving a comprehensive package of legislation in May, House Republicans are continuing to play a crucial rule in combating the opioid epidemic. Collectively, these efforts work to attack this important issue from every direction to end opioid abuse once and for all. In the coming weeks, the House and Senate will come together to decide on a final bill to send to the president’s desk for signature.

In his latest op-ed, published on Michigan Live, Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI) writes about how our children are the most at risk of abusing opioids. In 2014, a reported 168,000 adolescents (12-17 years old) had an addiction to prescription pain relievers. As a member of the Bipartisan Task Force to Combat the Heroin Epidemic, Rep. Walberg has been a leader in shaping this package of 18 bipartisan bills.  In this op-ed, he points out that in order for us to be successful against opioids, any legislation must rely on community-based solutions.

In case you missed Rep. Walberg’s op-ed, here are some highlights.


“Across the country, an American dies of an overdose every 12 minutes. Addiction is a national struggle and the need for action is immediate. It tears families apart and robs people from all walks of life of their future.”


“The House recently passed a broad package of 18 bipartisan bills that tackle this full-blown health crisis from every angle – from prevention to treatment to recovery.”

“Also included in the 18-bill package were initiatives to increase safety for opioid therapy for veterans, protect first responders and citizens who act as Good Samaritans in emergency situations, combat the supply of illicit drugs from international traffickers, and more.”

“Legislation alone won’t end this epidemic, but working together with the community, we can fight back with a multifaceted approach that prevents drug addiction before it begins and offers treatment and recovery to those who need a helping hand and a chance to heal.”


You can view Rep. Walberg’s full op-ed here.