Rep. Stefanik: This Is The Weakest Case For Impeachment In History

STEVE DOOCY: Am I getting this wrong, wasn’t it the job of the House to call all the witnesses, get all the information and then they’ll take the evidence, they’ll walk from the House over to the Senate, and say, ‘Okay, this is what we’ve gathered, you be the jurors, you decide.’

REP. ELISE STEFANIK: That’s exactly right and the Democrats’ case is so flimsy that they’re scrambling at this point. If you take a step back and really remember the House impeachment proceedings, Republicans were not able to call our requested witnesses. So Adam Schiff is being completely hypocritical. The only thing he has said that’s accurate is this is an unfair trial. It’s unfair to the President. If you think about–this impeachment process has been going on for 70-plus days. Yesterday was the first day that the President’s legal team was even able to participate. That is unprecedented, that is not how the precedent was for both the Clinton and Nixon impeachment. So the person who limited witnesses was Adam Schiff.

DOOCY: And you remember when they said ‘We want to hear from John Bolton,’ then they were going to go to court. Then, out of nowhere, they say, ‘You know what, we’re going to withdraw that subpoena for Mr. Bolton.’ They had their chance and now they’re saying that unless the senators in that house say, ‘OK, let’s bring in a whole bunch of new faces then those Republicans are part of the coverup, they’re complicit, they are obstructing justice.

REP. STEFANIK: This process has been unconstitutional, unfair, and unprecedented. And the fact that Democrats chose not to pursue this in the courts shows that they don’t have a case and I think they were rushed on an arbitrary deadline to get this done before the holidays, but again, when it comes to the witness question, Republicans specifically and formally asked to call witnesses and Adam Schiff did not allow any Republican witnesses to be called unless they were on the Democrats’ list. So it is unfair, Adam Schiff is unfair and the way he’s conducting this is unconstitutional.