Rep. Stefanik: The American People Are Tuning This Out, Want Congress To Get Back To Work

REP. ELISE STEFANIK: As we saw yesterday, this is the weakest case for impeachment in the history of this country. We continue to see how flimsy this case is, which is why there was bipartisan opposition in the House. There was bipartisan “No” votes when it comes to impeachment. I anticipate that we will continue to hear lies and half-truths from Adam Schiff today. He also doesn’t include important testimony that every single witness testified that he or she had no direct evidence of impeachable offenses—high crimes, misdemeanors, treason, or bribery. So, Adam Schiff and his team can continue to speak for hours to the American public. Certainly, in my district, they’re tuning this out. They want us to get back, on behalf of the American people, to get back to work and they want to work this out in the election. The American people have a right to decide at the ballot box.