Rep. Stefanik Outlines Three Key Facts That Undermine Democrats’ Narrative

REP. ELISE STEFANIK: Just distilling this down to the key facts, I wanted to ask both of you, three key questions. So the fact of the matter is Ukraine ultimately did receive the aid. Correct, Mr. Holmes?

MR. DAVID HOLMES: Ultimately.

REP. STEFANIK: Yes, and Dr. Hill?

DR. FIONA HILL: Correct, ultimately.

REP. STEFANIK: And there was no investigation into the Bidens. Correct, Mr. Holmes?

MR. HOLMES: They did not open a new investigation of the Bidens.

REP. STEFANIK: Yes, and Dr. Hill?

DR. HILL: Correct.

REP. STEFANIK: And there was, in fact, a meeting between President Trump and President Zelensky, ultimately, at the U.N. Is that correct?

MR. HOLMES: The President invited Zelensky to the Oval Office at a date undetermined, that has not yet happened.

REP. STEFANIK: The meeting at the U.N., President Trump and President Zelensky met at the U.N.

MR. HOLMES: They did, but not in the Oval Office.

REP. STEFANIK: But they did have a meeting at the U.N?

MR. HOLMES: They did ma’am.

REP. STEFANIK: And Dr. Hill?

DR. HILL:  Yes.

REP. STEFANIK: Thank you. I yield back.