Rep. Stefanik Highlights The Unfairness And Partisanship Of House Democrats

MARIA BARTIROMO: You took on Adam Schiff. What was that like? Give us your sense of what just went on there in that exchange.

REP. ELISE STEFANIK: Well, the American people can see firsthand how partisan this process has been from the start. Adam Schiff, these rules we were conducted in were totally unprecedented. Members were not able to yield time to other Members, which we’re allowed to do on the House Floor and we’re allowed to do in every other committee except under Adam Schiff regime of secrecy. So the American public, they have outpoured support for me and they want to hear from Members of Congress. I’m proud to have asked some of the best questions of the impeachment proceedings. Adam Schiff will continue to silence Republican Members who he does not want to hear from because he does not want to hear the truth, and the American people are interested in hearing the truth about the important matter.