Rep. Roby: Dems Are Setting “Dangerous Precedent” W/ “Bizarre” & “Stunning” Dem Impeachment Process

REP. MARTHA ROBYI’m actually stunned by the process, or lack thereof, that’s taking place in this institution. I have many Democratic friends that I know to be thoughtful, deliberative members of Congress even though we may disagree vehemently in policy. But these proceedings the majority, like I said, it’s stunning. I cannot for the life of me figure out why the majority would approach this in such a way that will forever cast doubt on why and how they chose to effect history with the impeachment of the President of the United States. And now, to what has taken place here today. This is just bizarre. As a member of Congress serving on the House Judiciary Committee, I’m asking questions to staff as witnesses before us in an impeachment evidentiary hearing? I mean no disrespect to staff, we have the most dedicated and hardworking staff and without these individuals we most certainly couldn’t do our jobs effectively, but we have not and we will not hear from any fact witnesses. Whether you identify as a Republican, a Democrat, or an independent, whether you agree or disagree with the President, whether you like or dislike a President, the American people should feel cheated by the way this is all taking place. This process is more than incomplete and the American people deserve better. Today, history is being made, and I too believe it is a dangerous precedent for the future of our Republican.