Rep. Richard Hudson: Our Better Way plan is on the right track

This summer, with the American people as our guide, House Republicans released our Better Way agenda, a plan to tackle the biggest problems facing our country. Now, we’re taking that plan on the road, bringing it to schools, homes, businesses, community groups, and nonprofits across the nation to get even more feedback on how we can put our country back on track.

Today, at a press conference on Capitol Hill, North Carolina Congressman Richard Hudson (R-NC) joined House Republican Leadership to talk about some of the conversations he’s had recently with folks in his hometown of Concord, NC and all across his district. “The feedback I got from individuals is the system is rigged against them; that the poverty safety net has become a trap for many. And for example, a single mother with two kids at home and is working trying to lift her family out of poverty. As soon as she is just about to make it we say, ‘oh you’re making too much we’re going to take away your childcare’. And drop her right back into poverty,” said Hudson.

With our Better Way to Fight Poverty, House Republicans are providing real solutions to help all Americans pull themselves up and empower them to pursue their version of the American Dream. Hudson says, “more decisions need to be made on the local level, not on the national level, and more decisions need to be made about individuals and what they need to lift themselves out of poverty, rather than a one-size-fits-all Washington system that’s handed down.”

Sadly, too many people are stuck in poverty in this country – trapped by the very system that’s intended to help them escape it. That’s why House Republicans, just like Rep. Hudson, are focusing on talking with those in their local communities, because the best ideas to combat poverty will come from those who experience it every day.

To see the full video of Rep. Hudson’s remarks at today’s press conference, click here.