Rep. Ratcliffe: Every Time Things Don’t Go The Dems’ Way, They Try To Change The Narrative

REP. JOHN RATCLIFFE: As it’s been pointed out, those of us that have been involved in this from the beginning, since September in the Intelligence Committee, Representative Stefanik, Representative Jordan, and I have seen this. Every time things don’t go the Democrats’ way, they try to change the narrative, they try and selectively leak information to try to do that. What you saw on Saturday was in two hours, the President’s team unraveled 21 hours of the Democrats’ case that they had put on. They tried to change the narrative again. The President’s team made very clearly that unlike President Nixon and President Clinton, President Trump’s lawyers were locked out of this process for the first 71 days. He was deprived of due process completely, wasn’t allowed to participate. No witness can change that, no witness testimony can change the fact that this President was deprived of due process and that this impeachment fails factually, it fails legally, it fails constitutionally. The President’s defense today is going to stay on target, it’s going to continue to unravel what the Democrats put forward over three days, and with that we will open things up for questions.