Rep. Ratcliffe: Democrat Impeachment Fails Factually, Legally And Constitutionally

TUCKER CARLSON: Give us your quick assessment on what today meant.
REP. JOHN RATCLIFFE: Well, today was really boring, but the President’s defense team was really happy. We’re happy that the Democrats decided to take a really bad program that they ran over in the House, one that got terrible ratings with the American people and they’re re-running it over in the Senate right now. So we’re listening to the exact same arguments that they made before that fell flat a few months ago, and I think the American people see this for what it is, which is a disingenuous attack on the President. The Democrats keep saying, ‘Our case is overwhelming, the evidence is indisputable,’ and now over in the Senate they’re saying, ‘But we need more evidence.’ I think people see through that, I think they’re already tired of this. Unfortunately Tucker, this is going to continue for the next two days. It’s not going to get interesting until the President’s team finally gets a chance to present their arguments. 
CARLSON: And that is when?
REP. RATCLIFFE: It’ll be Friday, late, or Saturday. I think what your viewers don’t know is the President’s lawyers have been forbidden from participating in this process over in the House. It was a 78-day impeachment inquiry, the President’s counsel was forbidden from participating for the first 71 of a 78-day process. So the American people are going to hear new arguments from the President’s team starting probably on Saturday.
CARLSON: Impossible to know, but I have to finish by asking: Do you expect to hold all Republican members of the Senate?
REP. RATCLIFFE: I expect to hold all Republican members and to pick up a bunch of Democrats.
CARLSON: But if that happens, and it seems like it could, what was the point of all of this?
REP. RATCLIFFE: To dirty up the President, to influence the Senate races, to make senators take tough votes, to beat up the President to hopefully influence his re-election chances. This is going to be—you know, the President’s arguments as they’re presented to the American people, as I’ve said over the last few days—this is going to be like killing a fly with a sledgehammer. This impeachment fails factually, legally, constitutionally, there’s nothing there. Our mutual friend, Andy McCarthy, said it best, he said this is the Seinfeld impeachment. It’s the impeachment where nothing happened, where the President had a call where he asked for nothing and he received nothing and unfortunately it’s been a political circus that the Democrats keep playing out.