Rep. Paul Mitchell: Proud of the Promise We’ve Kept 

In the hours following President Trump’s Joint Address, House Republicans are continuing our work to undo the most harmful aspects of former President Obama’s legacy: the thousands of costly, burdensome, and job-killing regulations passed down from his administration.

At a press conference on Capitol Hill yesterday, Rep. Paul Mitchell (R-MI) — a freshman who is leading in our fight to provide regulatory relief — says, “We’ve been focused … on regulatory relief — on efforts that we can make to get government off of the back of businesses and families in this country.

“…I promised people that we would get government to back off so that we could get businesses to grow and expand to allow families to flourish. I’m proud to say that’s a promise that we’ve kept in our first hundred days. President Trump has shared our concerns and he will tonight reinforce those efforts of regulatory relief and growth in our economy.”

Rep. Mitchell’s bill, the “OIRA” Insight, Reform, and Accountability Act, will help reduce the regulatory burden on the American people by requiring government transparency in regulations.  This will not only reduce the amount of regulation faced by Americans, but it will also hold the government accountable to those trying to work and grow businesses in America.

You can check out the full press conference here.