Rep. Nunes Blasts House Democrats For “Fake Investigation” “Behind Closed Doors”

SANDRA SMITH“We’ve heard a lot from Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and Mark Meadows, the Congressman has made it very clear that and the House Freedom Caucus. We spoke to Meadows yesterday, the House Freedom Caucus has said Adam Schiff should be removed from leading this investigation. Is he capable of conducting a fair investigation, Congressman?”

REP: DEVIN NUNES: “Well, I would start with what I was kind of getting to earlier. This is a faux investigation. This is a fake investigation. They’ve weaponized the House Intelligence Committee, which is supposed to be overlooking the 17 agencies and they’ve turned it into this fake impeachment committee, okay, where they are keeping everything from the American people, everything’s being done in the SCIF, everything’s being done behind closed doors. Nancy Pelosi controls all the people on this committee. We can’t talk about, supposedly, what happens behind closed doors so I just reject out of premise—so what Adam Schiff and the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee should do is actually lead the committee and investigate what we actually should be looking at, which is overseeing our nation’s military intelligence and our civilian intelligence programs. We have a lot of agencies we’re supposed to be overseeing.”