Rep. Mike Quigley: “I Have No Problem With This Vote”

POPPY HARLOWCongressman, to Jim’s point about having a formal vote on this—it’s something that former Congressman Beto O’Rourke said last night on this network, he thinks it would be appropriate and good given the weight of a moment like this, but if you look back at the impeachment inquiries into President Nixon, into President Clinton, in both of those there was a stipulation that the minority was allowed to subpoena their own witnesses. So some are saying that is a reason perhaps why Nancy Pelosi has not called for this would that would potentially give Republicans that power. Is that your read?

REP. MIKE QUIGLEYNo, I think the Speaker is doing this because she understands that the Republicans are playing a game. Again, I have no problem with this vote, I think it should move forward, especially with the news that we’ve learned in the past several weeks and the actions by the administration today.