Rep. Mike Johnson: The Law And The Facts Are On The Side Of The President

REP. MIKE JOHNSON: Just point out that what the American people care about are the real things in real life, the things happening now. They are ready for Congress to move on and get back to work. We’re glad this trial is finally coming to an end. If you look at what’s happening just in Washington today, the President just signed the USMCA in a big ceremony that will literally help every American in every district across the country. Last night he had a rally in New Jersey with over 158,000 tickets requested for President Trump’s rally. We’re told there were a lot of Democrats involved in that rally as well. They want to show appreciation for this administration and what they have been able to accomplish. We have to put this behind us. The defense was put on its case and rested. I think we did an exceptional job explaining that the law and the facts are on the side of the President and it’s time for the Senate to get past this questions phase and acquit the President. I think they will, we fully expect that, and we’ll be able to get back to the work that Congress is really supposed to be involved in.