Rep. Mike Johnson: The Democrats Have Set A New Low For The Country

REP. MIKE JOHNSON: Well the defense has rested its case, so to speak, and the only thing that has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt is that there is no impeachable conduct here. That’s very clear, it has been from the very beginning, and the impeachment defense team put on an ironclad case that anyone who looks at this objectively will understand with the evidence, everything that’s been argued and presented. The thing that sticks out to me as a constitutional law attorney is what has been emphasized over and over the last couple of days and that is the bar that has been set, the low bar, the new standard that the Democrats have now set for the country is, as Jay Sekulow just said repeatedly, echoes danger, danger, danger for all of us. This is a scary new precedent. The Democrats have opened a pandora’s box and from now on, anything, apparently, that is politically unpopular can become the ground for an impeachment charade like we’ve seen today. Heaven help us when the next President in the White House has a majority party from the other side. The base will demand an impeachment. That’s where we are now, that’s where this goes.