Rep. Mike Johnson: Adam Schiff & His Team Engineered This Whole Process

REP. MIKE JOHNSON: In 1999, there was a 100-to-0 vote against witnesses. Chuck Schumer was one of those votes. There was a great memorandum that was presented by none other than Joe Biden about how witnesses would not be necessary. In this case, the fact that they are decrying the lack of due process and the supposed unfairness is really just comical. Everyone knows and every American can see how this whole process developed, how it came through the House, how Adam Schiff and his team engineered the entire process—the sham process, we call it, because there’s no better explanation—secret hearings in the basement, the lack of the President’s counsel being involved, having any opportunity of involvement for 71 out of the first 79 days of this whole proceeding. They didn’t allow Republicans to ask questions, they didn’t allow Republican witnesses. Look, this is all famously known now by all the American people. So, the idea that they would be down here saying that this is illegitimate and somehow the President being acquitted today doesn’t really count, that there will be an asterisk next to this. The only asterisk in the history books will be about the sham single-party impeachment that this has been in the Founding Fathers clearly warned us against. They’ve opened a pandora’s box, as we keep saying, and we’re very concerned about the future.