Rep. Mike Coffman Blasts the President on GTMO Proposal 

After the President announced his proposal to close Gitmo, several major concerns were brought to light about the dangers this proposal poses to the safety and security of our country.

Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) spoke on Fox News Business about the truth behind closing Gitmo.






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Are you in favor of detainees being sent to your home state, Congressman?

“No, absolutely not.  We have a bipartisan  opposition to  bringing these terrorists onto U.S. soil. …The President obviously wants to frame this for political purposes…the fact is they should not come onto U.S. soil and be afforded all the due process rights and protections given to those legally in this country.”

Why do you think the President is picking this fight?  

“I think it’s probably a base issue going into the 2016 election. I can’t think of any other reason why he is doing this.  This obviously was a big issue for him in the 2008 campaign…as was ending the war in Iraq.  He certainly pulled out all U.S. forces prior to the 2012 election to meet that campaign pledge….we are now back in Iraq in a far worse situation.  This president seems to be impervious to new information.  The fact is this is not a recruiting tool for terrorism.  What is a recruiting tool for terrorism is a president that projects weakness in American foreign policy.

Are there worries that these truly bad guys would then convert American prisoners to a terrorist way of life?

“The security… at the Super Max in Colorado is not a concern to me.  The concern to me, again, is giving them all the due process rights by bringing them onto U.S. soil.  These are enemy combatants…. They need to be housed at Guantanamo Bay.  What the President didn’t say in his press release is how many of the former detainees who have been released have returned to the battlefield to target Americans.  We need to keep this open for a stronger commander-in-chief who will in fact utilize this.”

What is your ultimate fear here?

“…The fact that we don’t have a place to put these hardened terrorist.  The fact is he is going to… release people without any regard to the fact that they may very well return to the battlefield–the battlefield where there are American troops. …as a Marine Corps Combat Veteran, I’m going to do everything I can to keep Guantanamo Bay open so that when we have a commander-in-chief that fundamentally cares about protecting the American homeland, that cares about projecting American strength because we know that weakness invites aggression, [and] that that president has a tool called Guantanamo Bay to secure the worst that are out there that wish to do harm to America.”