Rep. Meadows: This President Needs To Be Exonerated And Vindicated This Week

REP. MARK MEADOWS: On Saturday, we saw the Trump defense team completely do away with three days of House Democrat Managers’ case in less than two hours. It should surprise no one that in the eleventh hour that we would see a replay of what we saw over in the House, which are selective leaks designed to create a narrative that ultimately will change the conversation. But this is nothing new. I can tell you what we have is a report of a manuscript that no one’s read that is selectively leaked to the New York Times that ultimately do not change the facts of what we are talking about here today. And the fact is that Ambassador John Bolton, on August 27th, met with President Zelensky, did not bring up any mention of aid, there was no linkage to aid at that point, and I would go even further: The President never got a political investigation as it relates to anything attached to foreign aid from the Ukrainian government. But he did get one other thing because of a phone call. He got the most anti-corruption legislations passed in Ukraine in the history of their country. So if you’re hoping for a country that is less corrupt, I can tell you President Zelensky and President Trump have initiated that, they’ve gotten that going in the right direction, and ultimately this president needs to be exonerated and vindicated this week.