Rep. Meadows: The Democrats’ Case Was Not Only Flawed, It Was Unprepared & Not Ready For Prime Time

REP. MARK MEADOWS: When we were in the House, it was our job to investigate. We knew that when the impeachment vote happened, when they rushed it through right before Christmas—you remember that, the viewers, America remembers that—they said they had an indisputable case. But what we’re finding is not only was it flawed, but it was unprepared. It’s not ready for prime time. So for the Washington Post to suggest that this is a great case—I’ve seen this movie once, not just once, but twice and three times. This is now the third time I’m getting to see it and it’s hard to pay attention because you know all the arguments. The reason why they delayed—I thought it was to have these new impeachment pens by Speaker Pelosi, but it was really so they could prepare their talking points in such a way to try to convince the American people. But they’re not buying it because there’s no underlying facts that would suggest that the President did anything inappropriate. That’s why they’re wanting new witnesses. If they want to do that, revoke and repeal the impeachment articles, bring it back to the House, why is there not a subpoena for some of these witnesses existing. We know why that is: Because they don’t trust Donald Trump, but they also don’t trust the judiciary.