Rep. McCarthy: There’s No Reason For This To Carry On Beyond Friday If You Stick To The Facts

JOE KERNAN: I’m reading from a quote here: “John Bolton’s book alleges Trump tied Ukraine aid freeze to Democratic investigations.” So I saw that yesterday, obviously, and the first thing that I look at always is the predicted betting market and today I’m looking at, “Will the Senate convict Donald Trump on impeachment in his first term?” and it’s down a penny to nine cents and I’m waiting for something to happen. So I’m trying to understand what this means—how do you think that when they are presenting the defense again for the President, how will they respond to that? Will they continue to say, “It’s just alleged and this guy has a book deal,” or would it ever come to the point where someone says, “Look, the maximum power for the executive branch is in dealing in foreign policy. Maximum power. And if for whatever reason the President of the United States decides to do something like this, it’s within his right and it’s certainly not an impeachable offense.” Which way do you think it goes: That Bolton’s lying or even if it did happen, it’s not impeachable?
REP. KEVIN McCARTHY: Well it’s kind of ironic it’s coming from the New York Times, someone telling the New York Times about a book deal, about somebody who wants to sell a book before an election—
KERNAN: But Bolton’s lawyer kind of confirmed that, so—
McCARTHY: Regardless of all that, you go to the facts. Ukraine got the money, they did nothing to get the money. Zelensky, the president, said there was nothing held up. If you base it upon that you have the transcripts too, which the whole world does, if you stick to the facts there’s no reason why this carries on beyond Friday. If you look at what the Democrat said—Nadler, when he was in Congress proposing this impeachment, that they proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt. It is not the Senate’s role to have witnesses come in. I do not think they make the case, I think they repeated the same thing. I think they went overboard when you saw Nadler and you also saw Adam Schiff say they’re going to put people’s heads on a spike and others. I think they did everything in their case to make sure that this is ended by this Friday.