Rep. Lesko: 6 Of 7 Impeachment Managers Supported Impeachment Before The Phone Call

REP. DEBBIE LESKO:  Hi, Debbie Lesko from Arizona. This is the bottom line: it was up to the House to prove their case, and they have come nowhere close to proving that the President committed any impeachable offense. This is a total political hit job designed to interfere with the 2020 election, that’s all that this is. You know it because they started out with Russia, saying Trump colluded with Russia, and when that turned out to be untrue, then they went to obstruction of justice, then they came upon this Ukrainian phone call. The problem is that six out of the seven House Democratic Managers already supported impeachment before the phone call. I am absolutely convinced that even if witnesses came forward and even if all of the witnesses were in support of President Trump’s side, they would still call for his impeachment. This is a total sham. Thank you.