Rep. Lee Zeldin Deconstructs Dems’ Arguments On Impeachment

JAKE TAPPER: Chairman Schiff just said, that’s one of the most important moments from the hearing, Sondland saying that there was an explicit quid pro quo. What’s your response? 

REP. LEE ZELDIN: Well, first off, President Trump was going to be meeting with President Zelensky on September 1st in Warsaw, Hurricane Dorian ended up putting off that trip. Vice President Pence went in President Trump’s place. The President did meet with President Zelensky in the United States towards the end of September at the United Nations’ General Assembly. When Ambassador Sondland was talking with regards to a quid pro quo, linking aid to an investigation, he used words like “presume” and “guess.” What do we know? And this is part of the other 97% of the story, that Chairman Schiff likes to leave out, the July 25th call, President Zelensky in his own words, he said, there was no demand, no pressure, no quid pro quo. He didn’t know about a hold on aid to Ukraine. The readout from Ukraine after that call, there’s no reference to a quid pro quo or a hold on aid. On July 26th, President Zelensky meets with Ambassador Sondland and Volker. He makes no reference to a quid pro quo and a hold on aid. For the weeks that followed, the Ukrainians made no reference to a quid pro quo or a hold on aid. It’s not until after they read it in Politico on August 29th that President Zelensky and his team received confirmation that there’s a hold on aid. The hold on aid got lifted shortly thereafter. Ukraine can’t have to do anything to get the hold on aid lifted. There’s one deposition transcript that still hasn’t been released. Mark Sandy came to testify from the Office of Management and Budget to answer a question as to why there was a hold on aid to Ukraine, and we still haven’t seen that transcript. I was there for that deposition and his answer was very important.