Rep. Lee Zeldin: America Is Ready To Move Forward

REP. LEE ZELDIN: In the House, there was bipartisan opposition to the impeachment, and hopefully if the Senate Democrats want to do the right thing, hopefully we’ll see at least one or more Senators choose to acquit the President. That would be the right thing. We’ve been through a long process. It started with almost a dozen and a half, or so, depositions that took place in the House in a setting that unfortunately resulted in a lot of cherry-picked leaks. There was withholding of key facts, outright lies to the American public. The open and public hearings that took place in the Intelligence Committee hearing—so from the closed-door depositions through those public Intelligence Committee hearings, the President’s counsel wasn’t even invited in the room, wasn’t allowed to call witnesses to cross-examine witnesses, to present evidence. It’s been a long road. I think for our country, fast forward to where we are today, America is ready to move forward. Not just move on, but move forward. As we saw videos being played during Jay Sekulow’s closing arguments of Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate working together on key bipartisan priorities, I think substantively that’s what America needs. We need to move on from this, the President should be acquitted.