Rep. Lee Zeldin: Adam Schiff is “Making It Up…As He Goes Along,” “There Are No Rules”

BILL HEMMER: Help me with something here. For those who are giving interviews behind closed doors, at some point, will they have to submit to a public hearing?

REP. LEE ZELDIN: There is no answers with regards to any of this. As far as whether or not there is going to be a vote to launch an impeachment inquiry–it’s not known. Will the minority party be allowed to call witnesses? Because if Adam Schiff isn’t going to call the whistleblower, you sure as heck can bet the Republicans will want to call the whistleblower, as well as a bunch of anonymous sources inside the whistleblower complaint. We would like to have an Ambassador Pyatt come testify, so that list goes on. The President cannot have counsel present, he can’t cross-examine witnesses, he is not allowed to present evidence and assert executive privilege when appropriate. So as far as what’s next in the process, Adam Schiff is making it up every single morning as he goes along and I’m still waiting for an answer on a key question. At the end of last week, I asked Adam Schiff, before the start of the deposition, what House rule is governing any of this? He refused to answer. Yesterday morning we had a phone call with the House Parliamentarian, I asked the same exact question–I’m asking for an answer. So there are no rules. The only rules that are out there, the other side will call “best practices” when they cherry pick leaks, when they withhold key information and outright lie.