Rep. Lee Zeldin: Adam Schiff And The Democrats Are Relying On “Presumptions, Lies, And Hearsay”

REP. LEE ZELDIN: Ambassador Taylor testifying about September 1st in Warsaw, a meeting between Ambassador Sondland and Andriy Yermak, between President Zelensky and Vice President Pence. That take, by the way, was third-hand hearsay. That was Morrison telling Taylor that Sondland told Morrison that Sondland overheard Zelensky tell Pence. What’s really important for all of you to check out—there was a Time magazine story on December 10th. On December 4th, Andriy Yermak gave an interview gave an interview, first-hand account, completely contradicting Ambassador Sondland’s take. I’m just giving you three examples, and what you really could do, and I’m urging you, I’m challenging you to go through what is being said by these House impeachment managers because they’re not completing thoughts. They’re trying to connect dots that are not actually connected. They’re relying on presumptions, lies, and hearsay, and the free shock that they’re getting through many in the media is greatly unfortunate, the American public is being deceived. I encourage you to call them out for all of the obvious lies and misstatements and half truths.