Rep. Kristi Noem: My father’s tragic death

Losing a parent is heartbreaking. Piling taxes on top of your grief is just plain cruel. That’s what happened to Rep. Kristi Noem (R-SD) and her family. Instead of receiving condolences and notes of support after her father died  in a farming accident, her family received a letter from the IRS with a big number on it. In their time of grief, they now had to worry about whether or not they’d be able to keep the family farm. Sure they had cattle and machinery and land, but they didn’t have the money in the bank to pay what the IRS was asking.

Rep. Noem opened up about this experience in a recent op-ed online for Fox News, where she talks more about the dangers of the death tax to small businesses and family farms. She also discusses House Republicans’ plan for a simpler tax code, one that’s built for growth, our Better Way for Tax Reform. It would eliminate the death tax, protect families, and promote economic growth. (Don’t believe us? Just ask these guys.)

Here are some highlights from Rep. Noem’s op-ed.

  • Not too long after the accident, while we were still trying to pick up the pieces, our family received a letter from the IRS. Because of this tragedy, one that undermined our sense of security, the death tax was now about to undermine our financial security.

  • I have never understood why the federal government thought it was appropriate to go after families with this double tax – especially in a time of crisis. My family had already paid taxes on the equipment, the land, and any other assets. Now, we had to pay taxes on it again because my dad had died. It’s not right.

  • Earlier this fall, the House Ways and Means Committee offered a blueprint for tax reform designed to grow families’ paychecks, the workforce, and the American economy. In doing so, we worked to shrink the tax burden for every family and streamline the tax code to make it more simple and fair. This includes eliminating damaging add-on taxes – most notably, the death tax.

See more about our full plan for tax reform by visiting, and don’t forget to check out Rep. Noem’s full op-ed here.