Rep. Jordan: The Facts Are On The President’s Side, But The Process Is Not

REP. JIM JORDAN: So now we get this, a bunch of depositions in the bunker of the basement of the Capitol, witnesses who are not allowed to answer questions about who they talked to about the phone call, and we get this. All based on some anonymous Whistleblower, no firsthand knowledge, a bias against the President, and these facts have never changed, we learned these right away. Who worked with Vice President Biden and who wrote a day after somebody talked to him about the call, but waited 18 days to file a complaint. Eighteen days to file a complaint. What did he do in the 18 days? We all know. Ran off to talk with Chairman Schiff’s staff, and then hired the legal team that I just talked about, that I just talked about, and one of the steps in the whole impeachment coup as his legal team has said. This is scary what these guys are putting our country through. It is sad. It is scary. It is wrong. and the good news is that the American people see through it all. They know the facts are on the President’s side, as Representative Stefanik said, four facts will never change. We got the transcript, which they never thought that the President would release, and it shows no coordination, no conditionality, no linkage. We have the two guys on the call, President Trump and President Zelensky, who have said “Nothing wrong, no pressure, or pushing here,” and we have the fact that the Ukrainians didn’t know that the aid was held up at the time of the call, and most importantly, we have yet we have one witness yet to tell usany evidence from anyonethat President Zelensky did anything on investigations to get the aid released. Those facts will never change. The facts are on the President’s side, and the process is certainly not. It has been the most unfair process that we have ever seen, and the American people understand, those 63 million Americans understand it, and frankly, I think that a lot of others do as well. They see this for what it is and they know it is wrong, especially wrong just 11 months before the next election. I yield back.