Rep. Jordan Slams “Unfair And Partisan” Impeachment Inquiry

STEVE DOOCY: Let’s talk a little bit about the impeachment inquiry, now day two of week four. You know because so much of it is behind closed doors, we really don’t have a good idea of what’s going on because it’s supposed to be secret. I know Matt Gaetz tried to go to one hearing yesterday, but they threw him out because he wasn’t a member of that committee. What’s going on?

REP. JIM JORDAN: Steve, this is ridiculous. This unfair and partisan process—I mean, think about what they’re trying to do: 13 months before an election they’re trying to impeach the President of the United States, the leader of the free world based on an anonymous whistleblower with no first-hand knowledge, who has a bias against the President. It’s now been reported that the whistleblower worked with Joe Biden. Oh, and the day after the call, the whistleblower actually writes this long memo and he uses words like ‘frightening’ and ‘scary’ that this call was ‘crazy,’ and then, guess what? He waits 18 days to file the complaint with the inspector general and who’s the first person he runs off and sees in that 18-day interim? He runs of and sees Adam Schiff’s staff. Adam Schiff, the guy who didn’t tell us that he met with the whistleblower before the complaint was even filed. Adam Schiff, who is running this secret proceeding behind closed doors, where the President gets no rights and the minority doesn’t get subpoena power like Adam Schiff has. This is the most ridiculous, unfair, wrong process and again, I think the American people see it for what it is: Just an all-out attack on the President in an unfair and partisan fashion.