Rep. Jordan Blasts Lack Of Transparency In Adam Schiff’s Impeachment Inquiry

REP. JIM JORDAN“We’re going to continue to try to get the facts and figure out more about what took place with this whole complaint when it started, and continue to tell the American people the truth, which is Adam Schiff, release the transcript so they can see what Ambassador Volker spent nine hours telling us, where he said there was no quid pro quo, there was no linkage whatsoever between security assistance dollars for Ukraine and any type of investigation into anyone in Ukraine or any investigation into the Bidens. He was clear about that. Reinforced exactly what President Zelynsky said when he said ‘I was not pushed,’ by the Administration. Reinforced exactly what President Trump has said. But Adam Schiff won’t release that. Instead, there were 67 pages of text messages. Adam Schiff took a few of those text messages and released them. Release them all. Release them all, and more importantly, release the entire transcript so the American people can see we’re talking about impeaching the President of the United States 13 months before an election, based on an anonymous whistleblower with no first-hand knowledge who has a bias against the President and the investigation being led by Adam Schiff.”