Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) op-ed on The Hill’s Congress Blog: “Separation of Powers Restoration Act Key to Rebalancing Government”

Last week House Republicans unveiled A Better Way to Do the People’s Business. Today, our three separate but equal branches of government are in disharmony with each other. That revolutionary idea of federalism that James Madison conceived in 1787 is falling out of balance, which is why House Republicans are providing Better Way.

Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) is leading the effort to restore constitutional authority by spearheading the Separation of Powers Restoration Act (SOPRA). In his latest op-ed published on The Hill’s Congress Blog, Rep. Ratcliffe stressed the need for this bill to help return the power to the people and away from the unelected bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. This legislation will guarantee that the authority of the legislature is restored and respected.

We don’t want you to miss it, so here are the highlights from Rep. Ratcliffe’s op-ed:

On the Importance of Restoring Constitutional Authority:

“James Madison was so repelled by the idea of an unbalanced government, that he declared the accumulation of powers all in the same hands as the “very definition of tyranny.” If he was alive today, he certainly wouldn’t be pleased with the state of affairs.”

“If we allow this pattern to continue, our country will move even further away from the balance of powers that were intended to keep our government in sync with the will of the American people.”

On the SOPRA Legislation:

“This critical measure reverses the 1984 Supreme Court decision that established the ‘Chevron doctrine,’ placing the power to determine ambiguous laws back into the hands of the Judiciary.”

“And I urge my colleagues to join me in stopping unelected bureaucrats from relying on the ‘Chevron doctrine’ to push through their partisan agenda. After all, when the Constitution wins, so do the American people.”

The full op-ed can be viewed here.