Rep. John Carter: A Better Way to Keep Us Safe and Free

As the world around us becomes more dangerous and the threats that face us grow more complex, we’re now more than ever in need of a comprehensive strategy to keep Americans safe and free. That’s what House Republicans are proposing, and here Rep. John Carter (R-TX) highlights how important our policies are to doing just that.

Says Carter, “In order to be successful in our war on terror, we must support our military, and provide the great men and women in uniform with the tools they need to keep us safe.”

As the representative of Fort Hood, one of the largest U.S. military installations in the country, Rep. Carter knows better than most how important it is to provide a clear vision for protecting our nation. Our Better Way agenda focuses on providing real, smart solutions to address the biggest problems of our time—including, and most importantly, keeping Americans safe.

Here are all the highlights from Rep. Carter:

On House Republicans’ Plan to Keep Us Safe and Free:

“We will protect our borders, and have a better account of who is traveling to and from our country. We will allow our intelligence agencies to do their job, including surveillance and collecting human intelligence. We will also cut off the financial networks the terrorists rely on.”

“I believe it is in our best interest to do everything possible to take the fight to the core of ISIS, fight them on their turf, and keep them out of the United States. This will take more than drone strikes alone. It will take a bold, strategic plan, incorporating the tools of various agencies across our government.”

On President Obama’s Failed Leadership:

“Under President Obama, we have had no real national security strategy. In fact, the Obama Administration’s “lead from behind” policies have continued to put our security and that of our allies at risk.

“Our leaders have threatened ‘red lines’ with Syria, with no consequences when Syria crossed those lines. The reset with Russia has failed, and through the President’s agreement with Iran, he has allowed an influx of funds to a rogue regime that supports and harbors terrorists.”

See our full plan for A Better Way to Keep Us Safe and Free here.