Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC): A Better Way to Keep Us Safe and Free

As House Republicans prepare to take our Better Way agenda to every corner of the country, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) took to Medium to discuss the need for bold new ideas to protect American families.

Our Better Way Agenda embodies hundreds of ideas to address the biggest problems facing our country. It includes solutions to grow the economy and create jobs, ideas to reform the tax code and fix our broken health care system, and much needed steps to restore the rightful role of the three branches of government. This agenda works to promote commonsense, conservative principles to lead our nation on a better path.

Ours is an agenda that encompasses a plan for national security, A Better Way to Keep Us Safe and Free. As Chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities, Rep. Wilson knows firsthand how important it is to present a strategy that properly addresses the new and diverse threats that face our country. These ideas, as Rep. Wilson highlights, are a strategy for a “Confident America – one that keeps American families safe in a dangerous world.”

Here are highlights from Rep. Wilson’s op-ed.

On New and Emerging Threats to America:

“To promote peace through strength to protect American families we need a real plan, one that protects the homeland, eradicates terrorism, tackles new threats, and defends freedom across the globe.”
“In the Global War on Terrorism, terrorist safe havens abroad must be eliminated or there will be further attacks at home on American families”

On A Better Way for National Security:

“I am especially grateful that “A Better Way” emphasizes the importance of combating new threats, such as cyberattacks, and the necessity of building a modern military that prioritizes readiness and is fully resourced.”
“Our plan protects American families by identifying that we are in a war against radical Islamic terrorists.”

View Rep. Joe Wilson’s full post here.