Rep. Jim Jordan: The American People See Through This Sham Process

REP. JIM JORDAN: Thank you Mr. Chairman. Fifty-five days, fifty-five days between July 18th and September 11th that there was a delay on sending hard earned taxed dollars of the American people to Ukraine. We’re not talking any country, we’re talking Ukraine. Ernst & Young said, “one of the three most corrupt countries on the planet.” Our witness on Friday, she testified in her deposition, “corruption is not just prevalent in Ukraine, it’s the system.” So, our President said, “time out. Time out, let’s check out this new guy. Let’s see if Zelensky is the real deal. This new guy who got elected in April whose party took power in July. Let’s see if he’s legitimate.” Now keep in mind, this has already been discussed. In 2018, President Trump had already done more for Ukraine than Obama did. That’s right, President Trump who doesn’t like foreign aid, who wanted European countries to do more, who knew how corrupt Ukraine was, did more than Obama because he gave them javelins. Tank busting javelins to fight the Russians.  Our witnesses have said this, others have said this, “Obama gave them blankets, Trump gave them missiles.” But when it came time to check out this new guy, President Trump said, “let’s just see, let’s just see if he is legit.” So, for fifty-five days, we checked him out.

President Zelensky had five interactions with senior U.S. officials in that time frame. One was of course the phone call. The July 25th phone call between President Trump and President Zelensky, and there were four other face to face meetings with other senior U.S. officials. And guess what? Not one of those interactions, not one were security assistance dollars linked to investigating Burisma or Biden. But guess what did happen in those fifty-five days? U.S. Senators, Ambassador Bolton, Vice President Pence, all became convinced that Zelensky was in fact worth the risk. He was in fact legit and the real deal and a real change. And guess what? They told the President, “he’s a reformer, release the money.” And that’s exactly what President Trump did. Now over the next few weeks, we’re going to have more witnesses like we had today that the Democrats will parade in here and they all are going to say this, “so and so said such and such to so and so and therefore we have to impeach the President”. Actually, we can get more specific, we covered this a little bit ago. They’ll say something like, “Ambassador Sondland said in his deposition, where he said, ‘Ambassador Taylor recalls that Mr. Morrison told Ambassador Taylor that I told Mr. Morrison that I conveyed this message to Mr. Yermak on September 1st 2019, and connects with Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Warsaw and a meeting with President Zelensky,’” If you could follow that, that’s the Democrats plan and why they would want to impeach the President. That’s what we are going to hear over the next couple weeks. That’s what we’re going to hear.

But no matter what they do, no matter how many witnesses they will bring in here, four facts will not change, have not changed, will never change. The call shows no linkage between dollars and the investigation into Burisma or the Bidens. President Trump and President Zelensky both said on the call there was no linkage, there was no pressure, there was no pushing. Ukrainians didn’t even know the aid was withheld at the time of the phone call, and most importantly it has been pointed out that the Ukrainians didn’t take any specific action relative to investigations to get the money released. Now there is one witness, one witness that they won’t bring in front of us. They won’t bring in front of the American people. And that’s the guy who started it all. The Whistleblower. Nope. 435 Members of Congress, only one knows who that is. Only one Member of Congress has the staff that gets to talk to that person. The rest of us don’t. Only Chairman Schiff knows who the Whistleblower is, we don’t. We will never get the chance, we will never get the chance to see the Whistleblower raise his right hand, swear to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth; we’ll never get that chance. More importantly, the American people won’t get that chance. This anonymous so-called Whistleblower with no first-hand knowledge, who is bias against the President, who worked with Joe Biden, who is the reason why we are all sitting here today. We’ll never get the chance to question that individual. Democrats are trying to impeach the President based on all that. All that?

Eleven and a half months before an election. We’ll get to check out his credibility, his motivations, his bias. I said this last week, but this is a sad day. This is a sad day for this country. You think about what the Democrats have put our nation through for the last three years. Started July of 2016 when they spied on two American citizens associated with the presidential campaign and all that unfolded with the Mueller investigation after that. And when that didn’t work, here we are, based on this. Based on this. The American people see through all of this, they understand the facts support the President, they understand this process is unfair, and they see through the whole darn sham. With that, I yield back.