Rep. Gaetz Slams Democrats For Pursuing Partisan Impeachment Over Working For The American People

REP. MATT GAETZEarlier in this hearing, you said in your opening statement that there is nothing more urgent than impeachment right now, this is the most urgent thing we could possibly do. Well, you know what, if you’re a senior right now and you can’t afford your prescription drugs, that’s more urgent than this. If you’re a manufacturer wanting to dominate the western hemisphere with the passage of the USMCA, that is more urgent. If you’re a farmer who wants to open markets so that your family can survive and thrive, that is a lot more urgent than this partisan process. If you’re a desperate family member watching someone succumb to addiction, solving the opioid problem probably more urgent than this partisan impeachment. If you’re a member of the next generation dealing with the challenges with extinction and climate change, a budget that’s out of control, driving up the credit card of young people in this country and what they’ll have to pay back as a consequence of our poor decisions, likely more urgent. But House Democrats have failed at all of these things. As a matter of fact, I’d say the only thing under the Christmas tree for most Americans would be a lump of coal, but I think they’re against coal too. The only thing under the Christmas tree for Americans would be impeachment and investigations. I’ve heard over and over the Democrats say this is all about the President’s personal interest and that he abandoned the national interest and it begs an analysis in how the nation is doing. In November, 266,000 jobs created, 80,000 over the average. Half a million manufacturing jobs in the Trump presidency, 700,000 construction jobs–we are doing better than ever before, the American people are thriving. Why won’t you help us move along the critical issues that are far more important than the partisan impeachment?