Rep. French Hill at Stakeout: Arkansans are Better Off Now

Rep. French Hill (R-AR) joined this morning’s House Republican Leadership press conference to highlight how Arkansas is Better Off Now under Republican policies. Thanks to tax reform and regulatory rollback, Republicans have unleashed the economy and empowered people in states like Arkansas to create jobs, grow their businesses, and increase wages. For more on our work, visit

Rep. Hill’s Remarks:

“Arkansans are Better Off thanks to the actions of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. Families have more opportunities, higher-paying jobs, and more money in their pockets. In just over the past 12 months, Arkansas has added 7,200 jobs. I want to highlight some of the people in my district in central Arkansas, the seven counties around Little Rock, and what’s happening as a result of tax reform.

Just last month, Caterpillar, a great publicly-traded company in this country, has announced they’re going to build large medium-wheeled loaders in Little Rock…they’re adding 250 jobs and a substantial increase in the production of these pieces of equipment that are exported from the United States.

Secondly, we had Dr. Ben Carson in Little Rock recently. We talked about a part of the tax bill that I think is going to be very important to a city like Little Rock — that’s the opportunity zones…We had a chance to look at those and see the benefits that those will provide for investment in our inner city in Little Rock and in North Little Rock.

And finally, I want to highlight Fidelity Information Systems, another large, publicly-traded company with operations in my area. Because of regulatory policy change, we’re seeing an enhancement in capital formation. They are leading by adding to our venture center funding in Little Rock, where we have the largest fintech sandbox operating in our country and we are having people competing from all over the world to come to Little Rock for their venture capital opportunities.

Those are examples of how I believe because of jobs and capital formation, we’re Better Off in central Arkansas through the work of this Congress and this administration.”