Rep. Doug Collins: Adam Schiff Is Finally Going To Have To Answer Questions

REP. DOUG COLLINS: We’ve talked about bad process from the House. They completely cut the President out for 71 of 78 days. We’ve talked about how they selectively picked the witnesses they wanted and selectively leaked. We’ve seen the results of selective leaks even as late as this past week with the issues that we’ve seen before the Senate — the issues with Bolton. But then there’s an interesting transition today, because today we’re going to transition, we’re going to transition into 16 hours of questions. We are now actually going to get her from the Senators themselves on what they want to know and how they want to know it. There’s also an interesting point. And maybe many of you have not picked up on because Adam Schiff, who we believe is a fact witness, should’ve been called from day one to at least understand how we dealt with the whistleblower. Now, he is going to have to, for the first time, answer questions from a member of the Senate because in the House, he never had to. In fact, there was only two members, myself and Jamie Raskin, who had to answer those kind of questions because Adam Schiff did not want to step forward and do what was right and that was answer the question on how he influenced this whole investigation from the whistleblower perspective. So today the story continues– the story continues in a new way with the Senators asking questions. But right now, the one thing that hasn’t changed, the facts have never changed. The President did nothing wrong, the House team proved that, and we are going to see that continue today.