Rep. Diane Black: Repealing Obamacare gives us a clean slate to provide something better

Obamacare was the federal government’s attempt to “fix” our health care system, and it failed. Prices are higher, premiums have gone up double digits, and there are fewer choices. Republicans believe that matter who you are, you deserve a 21st Century health care system. One that kicks the bureaucrat out and puts patients and their doctors back in control of their medical care.

Yesterday, at a press conference on Capitol Hill, Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) joined House Republican Leadership to emphasize the importance of moving forward with our vision for a health care system that puts people back at the center of health care.

Rep. Black spent years as a Registered Nurse serving patients across Tennessee, and understands the impact that health care policy can have on our communities. Under Obamacare, it hasn’t been pretty. Black says, “In our state, 28,000 people lost their coverage in a single day… Premiums in our state currently are rising by 63% and three-quarters of our counties in our state only have one insurer to choose from on the Obamacare exchange.”

Rep. Black makes clear that we aren’t, “… going to return to the status quo. Repealing Obamacare gives us a clean slate to provide something better.”

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