Rep. Curbelo Univision Op-Ed: House Republicans work to increase incomes by reducing poverty

This is the land of opportunity.

But as Rep. Carlos Curbelo puts it, even “with modest gains in income and a slight reduction in poverty, more must be done to assist those working to lift themselves up by the bootstraps.”

Remember, we are all in the fight against poverty together, which is why House Republicans have put together an approach that reflects this shared responsibility.

Today, Rep. Curbelo writes for Univision on on how our plan, “A Better Way to Fight Poverty, will move us closer to breaking the cycle of poverty once and for all. Curbelo has already been working to put a number of our ideas into action, through legislation like the Supporting Youth Opportunity and Preventing Delinquency Act and the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act.

Here are highlights from Rep. Curbelo’s op-ed on our Better Way plan to fight poverty:

  • “Under the leadership of Speaker Paul Ryan, House Republicans have been advancing “A Better Way” agenda. Rising above petty politics, the House is advancing real poverty reform solutions that will improve schools, reward work, and tailor benefits to better suit an individual’s needs. …
  • “For those struggling adults, we must recognize that a one-size-fits-all federal strategy does little to address local concerns. Miami is different than Montana, and the programs that might benefit one neighborhood are drastically different than others. States should have more autonomy in using federal tax dollars to support programs that work, and wind down those that don’t.
  • “All poverty reduction programs should encourage work while still helping those in need. For instance, work-capable adult recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, who do not have children, should be encouraged to look for work while receiving benefits. And we should allow greater mobility for housing assistance so that individuals can move to areas with more jobs and better opportunities.”

See the full op-ed here and check our full plan for A Better Way to Fight Poverty by visiting