Rep. Collins: They Are Trying To Undermine A President Who Has Done Everything He Said He Would Do

REP. DOUG COLLINS: Think about this: Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, in particular, who went on a giant tirade last night talking about the Senate, what they’re trying to do is two things: Number one, they want to say that if they don’t do something now, the election is rigged, everybody needs to be aware of that; and number two, they’re saying that if the Senate doesn’t do what they want them to do, then the Senate is corrupt. But let me just say something, for everybody who’s watched the Democratic primary presidential field, that clown car can’t win. They keep getting out and they just keep getting worse because when compared to the President, who actually has something to run on—trade deals, an economy that’s booming, a foreign policy that works—they know that they can’t win on the facts so they’re trying to do everything they can to undermine a President who has done everything he said he would do, which is unique in politics. But he’s not only done what he said he would do, he’s followed through and reached out to millions of Americans who’ve been cut out of the system: African Americans, Hispanics, who are at the lowest unemployment rate in years, they’re being put into the system, things like the First Step Act, criminal justice reform, where this President reaches out where all the Democrats have done is use them is political pawns. This is why you’re seeing what you’re seeing on the floor: A rehash of tall tales, lies, and dishonesty when they know they don’t have candidates that can beat him at the ballot box. So what do you do? You disenfranchise people, you tell them they can’t do it.