Rep. Collins: The Democrats Have Made Their Case To The American People & They Have Failed

REP. DOUG COLLINS: Hello, everybody. I think what’s been amazing to me over the past week and now coming in today is we are seeing a rerun, a rerun of what we saw in the House. When the House managers came over, they presented their case in which they didn’t do their job. That’s been proven. And what we’ve also seen a rerun of is selective leaks. Remember when it was down in the basement and Adam Schiff would go out when nobody else could talk, he would put out the leaks that he wanted to put out, only spun in his way. But on Saturday we saw the President’s team begin to fight back. When you only talk about the things that you want to talk about, but you leave out certain facts, you start losing the American people. And the reality here is, as Mark Meadows just said, I want you to focus on one thing: Do not get distracted by the shiny objects of saying, ‘We need witnesses’ or ‘Bolton’s new manuscript’ or anything else. Don’t lose sight of the fact that the facts have not changed. The facts are that the President and Mr. Zelensky both said there was no pressure. There was no conditionality. They got the aid. The aspects of where we were at before September 30th—the Ukrainian people know that the President had their back. When we start looking at this case, we start understanding that this is a rehash of simply a political impeachment that was started in the House and is continuing in the Senate, and the President’s team is doing a great job of knocking down what is a political impeachment. My concern for all of you should be, where does this leave us? Have we so lowered the bar for impeachment to where political disagreements among staff when the President makes a decision has become the bar for impeachment? That’s wrong. And the Democrats have made their case to the American people and frankly, they have failed.